Power Usage and Temperatures

So believe it or not, but a lot of people do care how much power their PC is pulling. Especially in areas that have higher electric rates. This carries over into temperatures as well, the more heat a PC is putting out the more your AC has to work in the summer or the hotter your office is going to be overall. But with the 2017 CPU wars that all gets tossed to the side. This is really obvious in the power usage graphs where both CPUs tower above anything modern. For years now power usage has been dropping but these both pull more than the always hot FX-9590. Even the idle power draw is much higher as well. I was surprised to find that the 7960X pulls more power though. It is also interesting to look through the other Core-X CPUs and see just how big of a power range the motherboards have to plan for. With 287 under load and 92.7 being the peaks, you can also go down to 90.7 under load and 53.6 at idle with the i5-7640X.


With that power draw, I was really worried about what kind of temps I would see. Surprisingly, even though I was testing using the same cooler across the board, some of Intel’s lower core count CPUs were higher up the charts here. The 7700K is still by far the hottest with the 7740X and its larger heat spreader coming in a little lower. Now that’s not to say that both don’t run warm, but I was originally worried about potentially packing the 7980XE into our Crush build but these numbers show that the 6900K that is currently in it actually runs warmer. Given that I have to run a smaller cooler in that build it might actually be an even bigger difference when all said and done.



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