Power Usage

In addition to standard performance testing, I normally like to take a look at power usage and what temperature testing. With Ryzen still being a new platform and with things like AMD buffing temperature numbers to get fans to turn on earlier I didn’t include temperature testing this time around. That said I did still take a look at overall power usage. I was really curious to see how the 1600X with it near 1800X clock speeds would land in everything. Well, when under load the 1600X pulled 141 watts for our whole testbench and the 1500X pulled a much more respectable 119 watts. This put the 1600X up above the 1700, but given the higher TDP, it’s not a huge surprise. Compared to Intel, specifically the 7700K, the 1500X was the only Ryzen CPU to come in below it. Like with the Ryzen 7 CPUs, Ryzen 5 is a big improvement over past AMD CPUs though there is still a little room for improvement on overall power usage.



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