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In the past the Intel onboard graphics did what they needed to do but for a while AMDs APUs were performing better. That changed completely with the introduction of the i7-5775C though so going into this I was really curious how the Intel HD Graphics 530 GPU would perform on the 6700K. Intel designed this to be an enthusiast focused product so they didn’t go with the Iris GPU but given the improvement with the 5775C I still have high hopes. So to start things off I ran through both Cinebench R11.5 and R15 using the OpenGL benchmark that renders a video and the score is the average FPS. It’s no surprise that the i7-6700K didn’t outperform the 5775C but I was still impressed with the jump in performance over the 4790K and even the AMD 7850K with a second dedicated GPU in crossfire.



Next I ran through 3DMark Fire Strike, unlike our CPU testing we go for the overall score this time around so the CPU performance is just as important as the onboard GPU. So how did the 6700K perform? Well as expected the 5775C was up near the top but this time around the 6700K didn’t outperform AMDs Kaveri APUs with them edging out a slight lead.


Next I ran through both Unigine based benchmarks, Heaven Benchmark 4.0 and Valley Benchmark 1.0. Both are run on their highest settings and frankly none of the onboard GPUs can really handle them at those settings. The 6700K did match the Kaveri APU performance with the 5775C pulling a nice lead with an additional 3 FPS average.



While we know that onboard performance isn’t exactly the best choice when you are trying to game, I was curious just how well the i7-6700K would perform if you had to wait for a few days for a dedicated GPU to come in. To do that I ran a variety of games, in most cases the games were set to their medium settings and run at 1080p. A few of the games fell flat on their face, as expected. But some of the games like both racing games, Tomb Raider, and even Sleeping Dogs all would be considered playable but not perfect. These are demanding games meaning less demanding games like the ever popular League of Legends would be more than playable on the 6700K although I personally would be looking for a dedicated GPU to match the 6700K’s CPU performance.








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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36932 05 Aug 2015 17:03
I hope everyone is having a nice week. Today Intel launched the first two of many Skylake CPUs at Gamescom. I put the i7-6700K through our tests and find out how it performs!

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