Right out of the hole I knew that barking up the overclocking tree with the FX-9590 and FX-9370 wouldn’t get me very far, I could tell just from my temperature testing that they were already running on a very fine line. I did toy with them a little bit but frankly couldn’t get anything worth calling home about, any substantial overclocks pushed them into temperatures that would require MUCH better cooling. I focused my testing on the FX-8370, at a much lower price and with a lower base clock speed it has the potential to be a bit of an overclocker, assuming AMD doesn’t bin them to much when trying to find FX-9590 chips.

Going off of the higher cost CPUs I jumped right into things with a bump in voltage and a jump to x23 on the CPU multiplier to try to get 4.6GHz. This went smoothly so I continued to bump it up until I couldn’t go any higher. In the end I was able to push the FX-8370 up to a respectful 4.889 without pushing the voltage any higher than my initial settings. Without better cooling, I didn’t want to push it farther on the voltage as it would only add more to the heat. Given the right cooling you could without a doubt match the more expensive FX-9590 if not more. Going beyond that people have already reached a new world clock speed record with a mind blowing 8.7GHz!

overclocking 1

overclocking 2

overclocking 3


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AMD fans can rejoice, there are finally new options from their FX line of CPUs. The question is how do they perform? Check out the review to find out!

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