Temperature testing isn’t something I always cover in CPU testing only because it is sometimes hard to compare results from one motherboard to another or one CPU cooler to another. In this case I was able to do this with the 3970X and the 4960X. Our Intel water cooling kit is getting a little aged and noisy but still holds up. I put it to the test when testing each CPU while running Prime95 for a half hour each. As you can see from the results below the difference between the two is staggering. The 3970X’s high clock speed and larger manufacturing process really heat things up while the 4960X stayed at a reasonable temperature. With better cooling you could do much better than this as well!



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garfi3ld replied the topic: #32567 03 Sep 2013 15:43
I hope everyone had a great extended weekend, I know I did. Before I took the weekend off I did have this ready for you guys and I can now publish it now that the NDA is up. The new Ivy-Bridge-E i7-4960X isn't going to be for everyone but if you could build a dream machine this CPU should be at the top of your list.

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