CPU Performance

In the real world everyone puts their computer to use in different ways. Some focus on gaming while others might find encoding or running multiple virtual machines to be most important. Because of that I have split up our compute performance testing slightly to help pinpoint what might apply to you the most.

Overall Benchmarks

The only big surprise in the overall synthetic benchmarks was the 4960X not topping the chart in the PCMark 7 benchmark. In all of the others it is the fastest CPU we have ever tested. In Passmark especially there is a big gap between the 4960X and anything else.




Specialty Benchmarks

Specialty Benchmarks doesn’t really describe this section the best, but basically here we have all of the benchmarks that don’t fall into the other groups. Most of these focus on compute power from different angles. Here we will get a better idea of how the i7-4960X compares to everything else in things like encoding, math, ect. It’s not really a surprise that it dominated all of the tests. The Cinebench benchmark really caught my eye though with its single CPU testing. The Ivy Bridge-E outperformed the standard Ivy Bridge CPU on a per core basis and came in really close to the Haswell 4770K as well. wPrime and X264 Benchmark really show the benefit to the extra cores and memory bandwidth.




Real World

Our real world testing uses Worldbench to run through timed benchmarks in Winzip, Autodesk 3ds, and Microsoft Office. The lower the score the better due to the scores being times. You can see where Autodesk takes advantage of all six of the 4960X’s cores while the other two don’t. This is what you are going to run into in the real world, not everything is completely optimized. Even so in those cases the performance was still not far off. In Autodesk the 4960X topped the charts as well.





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garfi3ld replied the topic: #32567 03 Sep 2013 15:43
I hope everyone had a great extended weekend, I know I did. Before I took the weekend off I did have this ready for you guys and I can now publish it now that the NDA is up. The new Ivy-Bridge-E i7-4960X isn't going to be for everyone but if you could build a dream machine this CPU should be at the top of your list.

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