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When it comes to fans where aesthetics are also a big concern Lian Li has found the sweet spot with their Uni-Fan lineup and done a great job of relooking at the design and bringing out fresh and new looks while keeping what makes the fans so great as well. The daisy chain design significantly cuts down on the wiring that all fans but especially RGB fans have which in itself helps create a clean look. But the Uni Fan SL-Infinity’s add on to that with a great-looking white design (black looks great as well) and minimal branding combined with the mirrored touches are clean. The L-Connect 3 software has continued to improve over the last few years as well with lots of effect options and it is easy to use.

The amount of complaints that I have for the Uni Fan SL-Infinity fans is minimal. The design which has the fan blades being a little smaller than the average 120mm fan does mean that to keep up in airflow and static pressure the Uni Fan SL-Infinity fans are noisy when you crank them up to the 2100 RPM limit. But for some people that noise is fine. For me, noise is always a concern but given how good these look I might be looking to just add more and keep the fan speeds down for a win-win. The only other thing to consider is that not every case is going to position the fans where you can even see the infinity effects on the sides of the Uni Fan SL-Infinity fans so keep that in mind when picking components.

The three-pack of Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120mm fans which includes the controller as well has an MSRP of $99.99 which isn’t cheap but when compared to other higher-end RGB fan sets like Corsairs LL and Ql fans the set is $30 less than those kits which isn’t too bad.


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