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The Lian Li Uni Fan SL-INF 120’s have the same packaging look as the last two sets of Lian Li Uni fans that have come out. The 3-pack box which is what we have here today has a black background with blue trim around the corners. Then in the center, they have a picture of all three fans lined together with the fans and their lighting on. The Lian Li logo is up in the top left corner and then below the picture the model name is the largest font. Below that they do let you know that they daisy chain together and the bottom right lets you know this is the white model because the Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGBs are also available in black as well. In the top right corner you have a badge for the 2-year warranty and then an icon letting you know this is a three-pack of 120mm fans. They do sell these individually as well but you don’t get a controller with the single fans but at least you can add more if you need them. Around on the back, they have a picture of the fan and the controller with the power off. On the right, there is a feature list and a link to the software and the left side below the photos has a list of what is in the box and a specification listing which is nice. Anything you might need to know if shopping in the store is all here.

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When you open the box up the top is just packed with cables. Below all of that each of the three fans comes in a bubble-wrapped bag and next to that there is an accessory box with everything else needed inside.

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For three fans the Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGB come with a surprising amount of accessories. For documentation you get a can with a thank you for your purchase, there is a small piece of paper listing everything inside of the box, and then you have an instruction manual. Lian Li also includes clear plastic covers that you can install on the infinity sides to protect from scratches. These aren’t mentioned in the package contents on the card or the box, however. For cables, while the Uni-Fan design as a whole is designed to use very few fans the three-pack of fans does come with a bunch of options. You have one cable which is on the right in the picture below that has a traditional PWM fan header and an addressable RGB plug that you can use if you don’t want to use the included controller. Then there are three of the same cable that has a plug to connect to the controller. The daisy chain design means that you will most likely not need all of these, but you get three in case you need to use the fans individually. Each cable has a matching white connection at the end to go with the fans. You get three sets of black fan screws, one of these wasn’t in our accessory box.

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Then Lian Li includes a controller which has its own bundle of cables. You get a USB cable that has a micro-USB connection on the controller end and a USB 2.0 header on the other. You have a cable that has a fan header and an addressable RGB plug to tie the controller in with your motherboard controls when needed. Then there is also a splitter for hooking up a 5th group of fans. The controller itself comes with its SATA power cable built into it but I should point out that it takes two SATA power connections. Then the controller also comes with a mounting pad, which is magnetic and has sticky tape on the other side to attach somewhere in your case. The controller itself has the Uni Fan SL Infinity model info etched into the top as well as the Lian Li logo. There are sync buttons on top as well. For connections, it has four of the fan or fan group plugs, two on each side. These connections cover the fan and the lighting all in one connection, this is something that I have been saying for a long time that other companies should be doing. Normally hooking up RGB fans means a mess of cables but Lian Li is not only cutting that down with the daisy chain design, but the cable itself cuts it down even farther.

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If you have seen any of the previous Lian Li Uni Fans two of the sides of the new Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120s isn’t going to be a surprise. What sets the Uni Fans apart from most of the competition is the design on the sides that allows them to be linked together physically and this also passes the wiring through contacts on the sides for a daisy chained design that cuts out a majority of the wiring that makes RGB fans such a mess. One side of the fans has two T-shaped hooks on them and in the center the 6 contact surfaces. The other side has slots for the two T-shaped mounts and pins in the center to pass through the wiring. There are smaller T-shaped holes around the pins as well which is where the included wiring attaches.

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What is new however is the mirrored finish on the other two sides of the fans. Past Uni-Fan designs had aluminum panels on the sides and they do still mimic this with the silver finish around the mirrors. But these panels also have RGB lighting behind them and a second mirror that gives that “infinity” look. Even without that, the mirrored look goes well with the white fans.

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The back view of the Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGB has the Lian Li logo in the center cap which has a nice aluminum finish. The housing itself is thicker than the average 120mm fan and what I mean by that is most fans have a larger blade inside with the goal to fit the largest fan blade possible inside for the most airflow but the Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGB like all of the Uni Fans also uses that space for lighting and for this design they do also need room for the infinity design on the sides. The Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGB uses a fluid dynamic bearing here and the fan runs at up to 2100 RPM which is 2000 RPM higher than both the other SL fan and the AL Uni Fans. This gives the Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGB 61.3 CFM which for reference the original SL Uni Fan did 58.54 CFM and the Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGB now has 2.66 mmH2O for static pressure vs 2.54 on the original which should help with radiator use. The motor is mounted with four twisted arms around it but one is thicker to house the wiring for the fan and for the LEDs built into the center section that light up the translucent fan blade. 

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The front of the Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGB we get a better look at that translucent fan blade which has 7 blades and the center cap has been given a mirror finish to match with the rest of the Infinity styling. The Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGB does have lighting that faces out on the front and back with a C-shaped diffuser on either side. Then for mounting each mount does have a large white rubber pad to keep vibration down. Another small detail but on the right side in this picture there are two small marks, these let you know when the fans are locked together or unlocked when latching them together.

image 28

Officially for dimensions the Uni Fan SL-Infinity, 120 RGB fans come in at 120mm tall, 25mm thick, and 122.1mm wide. A standard 120mm fan is 120x120x25 so these are right on in two out of the three dimensions but the third is wider because of the latching hooks sticking out on one side. If you plan on using a few of these in a single fan configuration you do need to keep that in mind in case it is in a tight space.

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Here is a look at the three pack of Uni Fan SL-Infinity 120 RGB fans all latch together. With this configuration, you would only have just the one cable going from the end to your controller or the motherboard. This clean daisy chained look is really what makes all of the Uni Fans from Lian Li so great and the Infinity design doesn’t change any of that.

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