With a name like Be Quiet, they couldn’t very well bring out products that didn’t have good noise performance, and the new Silent Wings 4 fans were no exception. In my testing the low RPM base 140mm fan was especially quiet with its 1100 RPM fan speed but the high-end Silent Wings 4 Pro 120mm PWM which at its lowest setting runs at 1600 RPM was impressive too given its higher RPM and while not silent when I cranked it up to 2500 and 300 RPM it was still a lot quieter than I expected it to be. The Pro model is the go-to when you really need the static pressure with 5.31 H2O and equally impressive is the 83.9 CFM rating they have given it as well. Overall though for most situations the base Silent Wings 4 models will do the job and they do have a few high-speed options in the non-pro model as well but as someone who loves SFF builds the pro having the built-in fan speed switch is a nice backup if you are concerned that things might get a little too hot.

All of the Silent Wings 4 models have a unique design where the mounting corners are all removable and can be swapped out with different mounting options depending on how you plan on using the fan. Specifically for normal case mounting you have a different mount than if you are using a radiator or mounting onto a cooler and the versatility that offers is great. As always all of these are completely blacked out which keeps the fans from being the main focus in your build and looks good in just about any build.

As for downsides, I didn’t have any with either of the fans physically. The only con for me would be the pricing, but that is to be expected when it comes to higher-end fans especially once you add in the different accessories that both come with. The base Silent Wings 4 140mm will run you $24.90 and then the high-end Silent Wings Pro 4 120mm PWM goes up to $31.90. Both are in line with the competition (Noctua) but the Pro model does run a little more than the Noctua iPPC 3000 RPM model with that being $27.95 on Amazon. Having the fan speed switch is most likely part of that at least. Overall though, they are great fans and I’m impressed that Be Quiet has found new ways to innovate with the new Silent Wings 4’s.


Live Pricing: HERE



Live Pricing: HERE

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