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The box for the Pure Loop sticks with the standard look from be quiet. This means it has a full black background for the majority of the box and a silver stripe over on the left. The front has a picture of the cooler and then for branding they keep things clean with the be quiet! logo in the top right corner and Pure Loop down at the bottom in the biggest font with the model size below that. Ours is a 240mm, but they do make them in 120mm and 360mm for the 120mm fan based model and a 280mm as well with 140mm fans. The side of the box has a full specification listing which is nice. Then on the back, they break down four key features. They touch on the Pure Wing 2 fans, the doubly decoupled pump, refillability, and how they went with all black except for a single silver accent with white lighting around it. 

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Inside the box, everything comes in a recycled cardboard tray that is formed around everything to keep it in place. The hoses and block come in a plastic bag as do the two fans then the radiator is protected by a slide on cardboard cover with an opening that still shows the pure loop branding on the side. For documentation, you get a manual as well as a paper with information about electronics disposal in multiple languages.

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Along with the main components, you get a main bag with smaller bags inside with all of the screws, thermal paste, zip ties, and mounting brackets. A few things to note here, all of the brackets are blacked out which is cool, not every black product does that yet. They also have the AMD and Intel brackets split up. There is a fan splitter as well as a power adapter for SATA to fan connections so you can power the pump and lighting together. There is also thermal paste, but in addition to being a tiny tube, if you look it is hardly filled so it is most likely a one time use. Which makes me wish they preinstalled it at that point. There is a bottom of clear coolant, which is the last thing you expect to see with an AIO cooler. I will talk more about why in a little bit.

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Our 240mm model of course comes with two 120mm fans. This is where be quiet! has such an advantage over a lot of other companies who jump into the AIO market. With their air cooling options, they already have high-quality fans. The Pure Loop comes with their Pure Wings 2 fans which are their more budget-focused model. You do still get the silence optimized fan blades. From looking at the details, these are PWM and the 2000 RPM mean they are officially the 120mm PWM high-speed model. They don’t have rubber pads at the mounting corners and for bearings, they have rifle bearings with an 80,000 hour lifetime. The cables are the flat design in black.

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For the radiator, be quiet! didn’t just use any old OEM design like most AIOs use. The side design is similar to the Gamer Storm Castle AIO that I recently took a look at with the boxy design and only this one has a grove down the side which is where they slipped in the white Pure Loop branding. The radiator itself has aluminum fins and the fin spacing is standard with what you would see on other AIOs. The big difference though is on the end where they have a screw installed that can give you access to the loop. Unlike most other companies, be quiet! isn’t putting a tamper tag on that. They want you to remove it and top the loop off. That is why they included coolant. Even the best AIOs lose coolant over time, so this should play a big part in extended the life of your cooler. It comes in at 27mm thick which is the same as the H100i and Castle.

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For the waterblock, the Pure Loop has a completely different look. This isn’t your standard OEM look at all. It doesn’t have changeable brackets, just the single black bracket with two screws that attach to the various mounting brackets. The housing is plastic as is the top panel which has a brushed aluminum look. I do like the one aluminum accent when the rest of the AIO is completely blacked out. To go with that they have added LED lighting around it. Sticking with what be quiet! always does, they didn’t make this RGB. It is just a white light which is simple and clean. Unlike most other AIOs the CPU water block doesn’t however house the water pump, which given its thickness I would have thought that it would. On the bottom, the contact surface has a perfect mirror smooth finish and is nickel-plated which should make for good contact with your CPU.

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So the water lines are covered in black sleeving and they lead to an interesting box about two inches away from where they meet the radiator. This is where they have hidden the water pump and being a unique design it does help avoid some of the patents that other companies have on AIO designs. They push that this is a doubly decoupled pump design which it is. That has a nice benefit of helping cut down on vibration which is what causes noise. If the pump were in the radiator or block it can transmit that vibration to other parts of the case. But here the tubes themselves help cut back on that. Then inside of that housing, they have decoupled it again for even more vibration cut.

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Here is a look at the whole system all together which does a great job of showing how everything is blacked out with that brushed aluminum accent.

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