Like I said at the start, nearly every company has their own variation on RGB fans as well as addressable RGB fans. Only a few brands and designs stand out. Some because of their software control (Corsair) and others for their unique designs. The Uni Fans from Lian Li without a doubt fall under the unique design category although I was impressed with at least some of their software. The software could use a few tweaks though with details like showing what is the front and the back of the fans and maybe being able to control individual LEDs or fans over just doing the fans mounted together.

But it’s the ability to link the fans together which is what makes the Uni Fans so cool. I’ve always been into wire management, keeping my builds clean. With the last set of Corsair fans, I used it was a complete mess of wires with two per fan and some needing to be plugged into the motherboard an others into the controller. Here you have just two wires going to the controller from a full set of fans. Not only are there no wires between fans at all, but they didn’t just link up the lighting, they did the PWM fan headers as well. So you can hide the controller behind your motherboard and have a clean build. The build construction was surprisingly good as well, with Lian Li even including machined aluminum accents in true Lian Li fashion. Which by the way look amazing on both the black and white models.

Of course, pricing is always an issue when it comes to addressable RGB fan kits like this. The Corsair QL series for example will run a crazy $139.99. That makes the MSRP of $79.99 for a three-pack of Uni Fans a lot more palatable. Not to mention at least right now they are discounted $10 at Newegg if you preorder. Adding a fourth fan or running just one will run you $24.99. Again, that isn’t cheap. But it is at least not far away from the highest-end non-RGB fans and not more than some of the main components of your build. Overall the Uni Fans have been impressive, and are a cheat code to cleaning up your wiring and making the build itself easier.


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