Well, the Ryuo 240 is an ROG product so the packaging wasn’t too big of a surprise. It has the same black background with red trim on the bottom as the last few ROG parts that have come into the office. I love the consistency, especially with Asus getting into almost enough parts to build a full PC so if you want to stick with an ROG build it will be easy to spot everything on the shelf. The front has a picture of the water cooling on the front along with the name in reflective letters. Around on the back, the theme is the same. Only the back has four different pictures not just one, each showing one of the Ryuo’s different features. Then below that, it has a specification listing. The main thing with that is having the dimensions available to make sure you know it will fit, that and everything is all there.

image 8

image 9

Inside when you open up the box it has the same angled ROG panel that most ROG products have with the ROG logo in the middle. Sometimes it also says welcome. The Ryuo comes in a formed cardboard tray, like all AIO kits. The pump and radiator wrap around the outside with the fans, documentation, and hardware all in the middle.

image 10

It comes with just one fold-out paper manual with installation instructions. Then for hardware, the AMD bracket comes separate along with the backplate for Intel, the Intel bracket is pre-installed. There is a USB cable then the mounting screws. The bag on the right had the radiator and fan mounting screws, this isn’t a reclosable bag which is weird. Then there is an AM4 only mounting bag and then the Intel and AM3 bag.

image 15

image 16


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