So the box for the C7 Cu is the same size and shape as the original C7 box, but it looks completely different. The original was black with a color picture of the cooler on the front with Cryorig’s RGB stripe along the bottom. The Cu, on the other hand, comes in a cardboard finished box. A drawing of the cooler is on the front with the fan in white and with a copper finish for the actual copper heatsink portion. One side has the periodic table icon for Copper along with a description talking about copper being 160% more thermally conductive than aluminum. The back of the box has all of the compatible CPU sockets listed as well as the coolers dimensions, weight, and TDP in a simple specification listing.

image 1

image 2

image 3

When you get inside the box everything is packed up just like it was before. The heatsink comes wrapped up in another cardboard box with just the fan exposed. There are tabs holding the fan in place and up under everything, you will find all of the included accessories.

image 4So this is everything that comes in the box. The documentation and warranty information is tucked into the C7 itself. Then up under that, you have a small bag with the hold down nuts. There are four plastic washers to be used in some ITX builds were the rear mounting plate doesn’t clear. Then you have a full tube of thermal paste and a socket driver that fits the mounting nuts.

image 5

image 6


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