Our Test Rig and Methodology

Our Test Rig


Intel i7-5960X

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Kingston HyperX FURY Black 32GB Quad Channel Kit 2666 MHz

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Gigabyte X99-SOC Champion 

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Power Supply

Corsair RX1200

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Kingston Hyper X Savage 960GB SSD

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Praxis WetBench

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Test Methodology

Fan Noise

Using a decibel meter 6 inches away from the fans or pump we test 25%, 50%, and 100% fan speeds

Fan Speeds

To go with our noise testing we also document the fan speeds when they are running at 25%, 50%, and 100%. This is done using a Protmex PT02 Sound Meter that is rated IEC651 type 2 and ANSI S1.4 type 2. Tests are done set weighted to A and set to a slow response using the max function. The ambient noise level in the testing area is 33.3 decibels using the test settings.

Idle Temperatures

We test the idle temperatures using the included tool from our motherboard.

Load Temperatures

Using the latest version of Prime95 on the Small FFTs setting we put the CPU under load for 30 minutes. This always tested at 100% fan speed and then again with the fan profile set to the stock profile on our motherboard.

Test room temperature

The room is always set to 70 degrees no matter the season

Temperature readings

We use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to get package temperatures from the CPU


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