The packaging for the H220 X2 Prestige is similar to the H220 X but a little different than the original H220. Specifically, the box size has changed due to the size of the kit changing. The top of the box starts right off with a photo of the kit with red coolant, red lighting, on a black background. Up in the top right they have distinguished the Prestige model and the photo has the fans and Swiftech Lok Seal compression fittings, both are what set the Prestige apart from the normal H220 X2 model. In the small details on the top we can see that this kit has a three-year warranty and is compatible with both Intel and AMD.

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Moving around on the sides Swiftech did include a full box contents listing on one side. Another side has photos of the kit in six different colors of its LED lighting along with matching coolant as well. I know a few people will be happy to see colors like the green, purple, and even the yellow, all colors that sometimes get ignored. On the end they slipped in a listing of all of the sockets the kit is compatible with but honestly short of 1366 it looks like they have everything covered that has come out in years. On the bottom of the box they even break down a specifications listing as well as line drawings of the kit from two different angles along with measurements. Most of the time it feels like a company would prefer sell you on a product and ignore if it will even work for you but Swiftech has gone out of their way to make sure you know exactly what you are buying and to help make sure it’s going to fit in your build. In my case I knew it would fit already and that was cemented what Swiftech sent over pictures of three different D-Frame Mini builds they showed off at CES this year.

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Inside the box is foam all around the outside and also dividing up things like the accessories and keeping the water block from banging on the radiator. All of the acrylic has a plastic film on it as well to keep it from getting scratched up. For accessories the H220 X2 kit comes with the required PWM splitter that helps sync your fans and also powers your pump and the LED lighting. It also has a small button on it that you use to flip through the different lighting modes. There are the AMD brackets as the kit ships with the Intel already installed and then there are all of the mounting screws for the kit. The one really unique thing that I’ve never seen before are the three Mayhem dies included with the kit for you to get your coolant to the exact color that matches your build.

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The instruction manual is also slipped in the packaging. Swiftech kept things simple by printing the instructions on a large poster and also keeping everything to photos.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37799 11 Mar 2016 23:48
Before I finish packing up for Gamers for Giving this weekend I put the finishing touches on our look at the H220 X2 Prestige from Swiftech that I will be running in our D-Frame Mini build

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