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The Wraith Cooler right out of the box is completely different looking than the previous AMD and Intel coolers. The main feature is the larger 80mm fan that is said to push 55.78 cubic feet of air compared to the older models 41.6 CFM. This larger fan requires a larger fan shroud and that is what takes up a good portion of the heatsink.

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The heatsink itself starts with a copper plate on the bottom and four heatpipes that connect to the copper plate that help pull the heat up into the aluminum fins. AMD ships the cooler with the CPU contact portion of the copper plate covered in thermal paste so the installation is quick and easy. The Wraith Cooler has 24% more cooling fin surface area compared to the older model to help improve the cooling as well. Officially both the older model and the Wraith Cooler have the same 125W cooling rating but with more surface area and an improved fan the goal is to cool better at much lower and quieter RPMs.

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While the Wraith Cooler is small compared to all of the aftermarket coolers that we use. When you actually get it up next to the older AMD cooler the difference is staggering. They both have the same base design and four heatpipes. The Wraith just extends the cooling fins slightly and uses a larger fan both on width but also thickness to have more CFM.

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Installing the cooler is just like every AMD stock cooler. It uses the pre-installed plastic mount on your motherboard. You hook the clamp on the opposite side of the latch down and then you do the same on the latch side. Then you just flip the latch to tighten everything down. From there you just have to plug the fan into the CPU header and you are good to go.

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I did notice that on our AM3+ test bench that is running the Asus Crossfire V motherboard that the larger cooler size did end up putting up directly up against the ram in the first slot. Our ram was the tall Beast model so the extra height wasn’t doing any favors, but from the side profile we can see that this is going to be an issue even with normal height sticks so keep it in mind.

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The other feature of the new fan shroud is the backlit AMD logo. It’s a small but nice touch that helps show off what you are running inside assuming you can see the cooler from the side profile at all. Going with white backlighting was a good choice as well, it is a neutral color that will go with any build where going with a red would stand out in the bad way in some builds. 

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37603 03 Feb 2016 02:10
Today I check out the new Wraith Cooler that AMD is bundling with some of their CPUs and APUs

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