Overall and Final Verdict

All said and done the NH-U14S is the most impressive tower cooler we’ve run through our testing format thus far and manages to have a lower MSRP than some of the other competitors. The easy install is also another feather in its cap. As previously mentioned the addition of the second fan is a matter of personal preference between sound and temperature but the option is always something you like to see in a tower cooler.

U14S 17

The same possible issue with fan installation after tightening the tower down is present in the NH-U14S but Noctua suggests you install your cooler before securing it to your case to combat this. The whining noise the double fan produces is probably the biggest negative coming out of the U14S but this can also be combated by using the included Low-Noise adapter and the second fan installation kit.

The combination of Noctua’s easy installation process plus top end performance makes the NH-U14S an amazing choice for the first time builder or established enthusiast. With the ability to even outperform some AIO liquid coolers on the market and still allow for board space, you would be hard pressed to find a better tower cooler option in this range with this combination of performance, style, and operating noise levels.


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Happy Monday! Garf may not like them but I'm here today with a look at the NH-U14S from Noctua.

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