For our installation, we will be following the included installation guide and using all included tools. In the case of our test bench we will be following the LGA 115x method. The included parts here are pretty straightforward with two brackets, plastic spacers and thumb screws much like the NH-U14S.

U14S 18

U14S 19

The backplate is an extremely easy install yet again with nothing more needed than threading the screw posts through the hole in the motherboard. With that done you can slide the plastic spacers over the screws.

U14S 20

U14S 21

U14S 22

Next up is attaching the mounting brackets and screwing securely to the backplate with the thumb screws. A quick quarter-turn with the included screwdriver is enough to ensure the secured bracket for the U14S.

U14S 23

U14S 24

Finally it is time to mount the cooler. After applying your thermal paste, it is as simple as lining up the cooling tower and tightening it down with the included screwdriver.

U14S 25

With the cooling tower securely in place it’s time to attach our cooling fan(s). Fans installed, we can now look at the clearances the NH-U14S has around our test bench board. The fan clearance over the first RAM channel is a tight fit but there is actually no overhang at least on our test bench with low profile DIMMs. Still this is close enough for me to feel like you may have compatibility issues with larger RAM heat spreaders. The rest of the board clearance seems fine around the U14S even with both fans installed.

U14S 26

U14S 27

U14S 28

U14S 29

U14S 30

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Happy Monday! Garf may not like them but I'm here today with a look at the NH-U14S from Noctua.

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