Overall and Final Verdict

Pitting the AXP-100 up against competition nearly 3 times its size might seem unfair at first. The numbers may appear to be against the AXP in both CPU cooling graphs but in actuality it is quite the contrary. Sure the larger coolers may perform that much better but in an ITX system the biggest constraint is space. There simply isn’t a way to fit a large radiator or a giant tower cooler effectively into an ITX case without much work and with that small 5.8cm profile the AXP-100 proves to be nearly unbeatable while still outperforming the stock cooler by a wide margin.

AXP100 21

What is more impressive about the AXP-100 is that you aren’t limited to only using the included TY-100 fan. The cooler comes complete with an enhanced fan mount that allows you to use any 120mm PWM you wish or even Thermalright’s own TY-140 140mm fan. This ensures the AXP-100 may just be the most powerful and customizable solution you’ll find in a sub-3inch package.

The RAM crowding issue is one to pay attention to for sure. We used an m-ATX board to limit video card heat contaminating our results and so that may be the root of our RAM issue but still it is never a bad idea to double check measurements especially with smaller builds. Still the performance is impressive in such a small package. The AXP-100 accomplishes what it set out to do and manages to still stay within range of some much larger competition.


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