When subjected to our Peak Test and compared against our other aftermarket coolers the AXP-100 doesn’t appear to be very impressive at first but you have to understand that it achieves these numbers at a weight almost one third that of the aftermarket coolers we have tested. The final weight of 320g also comes in 12g lighter than even the stock Intel LGA1155 cooler by which is beats handily in these tests. The fan can be mounted in either direction. With a topflow style similar to that of the Be Quiet Shadow Rock RAM temps were great. The noise of the TY-100 fan at 100% RPM was also quite




During our Real World test we see a similar gap between the larger aftermarket models that would have no place fitting in the places the AXP-100 is designed for and a similar improvement over the Intel stock cooler.  The RAM temps during this test are the best ones we’ve recorded to date which is great considering this cooler will be called into action to cool more than just your CPU in most ITX builds.



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