As far as the box the AXP-100 comes in, Thermalright spares us the frills and hype (and pretty much everything else) with an extremely simple cardboard box. The only things to see here are the products name and the Thermalright logo.

AXP100 9

AXP100 10

With not much to go on with the outer packaging we are forced to dive right in and take a look at what is inside. The first thing we come across is the users’ manual and install guide followed by a box containing all of our installation brackets, screws and plates.

AXP100 1

AXP100 3

The next thing we come across is the TY-100 fan which despite being only being a 100mm fan and coming in at an amazing half an inch thick, still manages to put out some impressive numbers. Like all cooler fans, it is PWM controlled to allow you to tweak speeds as you see fit.

AXP100 4

Last but not least we find the cooler tucked away under all the extras. The first thing you quickly notice is the fact that despite its size, the AXP-100 has an impressive six 6mm heatpipes to dissipate the heat through is aluminum fins. The heatpipes run through the mirrored finished, solid copper block but avoid direct contact. The entire package when assembled with the TY-100 fan comes in at under 6cm of total height.

AXP100 5

AXP100 6

AXP100 7

AXP100 8

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