With the H80i installed and running, it is time to see if this AIO cooler can actually put up numbers worthy of its high performance promises. Going into the tests I expected good things with slightly lower numbers then the Glacer 240L with its larger radiator and that is exactly what I was greeted with. CPU temperatures were markedly less than any of our previously tested air coolers though the H80i did lag slightly behind the obviously larger 240L. Ram temps were oddly below stock which can be chocked up to the installation orientation of the 120mm push-pull fans. Noise is unfortunately proving to be the Achilles’ heel of the AIO units as the fans required to create such high static pressures spin at such high RPMs that lower decibel levels are more of a secondary concern.




The Real World tests showed much of the same things the Peak test did with the H80i finding that middle ground between top end air coolers and double radiator designs. The RAM temps climbed by comparison mostly due to more memory usage during our Real World test but the numbers are still decent.



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