Of course, we should have expected it. The Seidon 240M comes in a black and purple box, much like most of Cooler Master’s product lineup. The branding all across the box is in a reflective chrome finish to get your attention. The front of the box has a very large photo of the kit itself, its actually larger than 1:1 scale, along with a couple notes at the bottom about being maintenance free and designed for overclocking. I like that they included a full specifications listing on the side as well. Around back there is a short list of features listed in 8 different languages taking up most of the space, you also have full line diagrams with dimensions of both the radiator and the pump. This is perfect for someone who is really not sure if this kit will fit in their case, a little measuring and you will know without a doubt.

image 1

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Inside the box the entire kit is wrapped up in plastic and then held into place in a recycled form keeping the kit from bouncing around. Inside you have all of the usual suspects as far as water cooling kits with the pump/tubing/radiator being all in one piece and then two fans. In the accessory pack you get mounting kits for both Intel and AMD. Along with that you also get thermal paste, rubber fan pads, and a fan cable splitter. The splitter is nice because the 240M has two fans, this will keep them both running at the same speed. The rubber fan mounting pads should help keep noise/vibration down as well.

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