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The Noctua NF-F12 is overflowing with functional features. A two year development cycle was not squandered perfecting their focused flow system. Due to the NF-F12 design, Noctua is able to control the orientation in which the air travels from the fan. Most PC fans’ airflow is projected as a cone that starts off  small then rapidly broadens. The NF-F12 airflow resembles a cylinder shape, allowing this concentrated air to pass through cluttered or dense obstacles. This makes the Noctua NF-F12 ideal for navigating through a water cooler radiator or snaking between the metal fins on your favorite heatsink.

I imagine by now you are wondering how the NF-F12 is capable of containing a tighter projection of airflow over other standard fans. Well in typical Noctua fashion it’s all in the details. The frame of the NF-F12 features eleven stator guide vanes, and three vortex control notches in each vane.  Another feature of the stator guide vanes are there angles.  Each vane is strategically angled to channel the airflow in a tighter uniformed manner.  This in conjunction with Noctura’s patented “Heptaperf Impeller” fan blade creates a maximum amount of pressure, focusing the air into a tight consistent circular pattern.


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Another reason for the angled guide vanes and the vortex control notches is noise reduction. These two features help distribute the noise on a broader spectrum; basically breaking the sound into smaller sections. Noctua’s step inlet design promotes turbulent airflow thus reducing intake noise. The step inlet design runs around the corners of the fan in a circular pattern with three rings that look like stair steps that descend to the fan blade. Anti-vibration pads and mounts located on the corners help dissipate any rattling.  Noctua has always been known for quiet fans, and the NF-F12’s noise reduction features continue this tradition.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #28237 16 Oct 2012 20:02
Welcome Brock with his first review
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Twodavez replied the topic: #28238 16 Oct 2012 20:11
I haven't heard Noctua's name discussed in a while. Glad they're still knocking it out of the park with great products. I remember they used to be a sponser and their heatsinks were well sought after, but until now, i haven't heard the name in at least a year or so...
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BTW: nice review Brock!
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I've been slacking :-P

We still use them on most of our test benches. Its also the main thermal paste for all of our testing as well
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Twodavez wrote: BTW: nice review Brock!

Thanks Dave for the positive feedback.

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