IMG_5541 [lr] [lrsm]When it comes to the enthusiast heat sink market there is a short list of manufactures who dominate the industry for the most part. Of course there are many other companies who are fighting for a spot trying to make a name for themselves. Today I have the chance to check out a heat sink from a company called Titan, being in the industry for twenty years  has become a competitor in the IT market. Working on the high performance market  they recently released a heat sink called the Fenrir. In Norse mythology Fenrir stands for a monstrous wolf, with a name with such meaning I'm curious to see how it will perform.

Product Name: Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ

Review Sample Provided by: Titan

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

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Outline Dimension 124 x 107 x 156 mm
Fan Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Rated Voltage 12V DC
Rated Current 0.32 A
Power Consumption 3.84 W
Rated Speed 800 ~ 2150 ± 10% RPM
Airflow 33.20 ~ 78.41 CFM
Static Pressure 0.02 ~ 0.11 Inch H2O
Noise Level < 17.2 ~ < 39 dBA
Bearing Type Z-axis Bearing
Life Time 60,000 Hours

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IMG_5542 [lr]

IMG_5543 [lr]


For AMD Socket AM2+/AM2/AM3/940/939/754/K8 Second-Generation Opteron™ up to?1222 SE/1222 Third-Generation Opteron™ up to ?1356 Athlon64 upto?4000+/LE-1620 Athlon64FX upto?FX-74 Athlon64 X2 upto?6400+/BE 2400/4850e AMD Phenom™ X 3 upto?8750 AMD Phenom™ X 4 upto?9950 Sempron up to 3800+/LE-1250

For Intel Socket 775 Core2 Duo upto?E8600 Core2 Extreme upto?QX9770 /X6800 Core2 Quad up to?Q9650 Pentium D up to?960 Pentium Dual Core up to?E5200 Pentium Extreme up to?965 Pentium 4 upto?672 Pentium 4 Extreme up to?3.73G Hz Celeron upto?365

For Intel LGA 1366 Core i7 up to?965

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Titan packed the Fenrir in a molded plastic package that is sealed all the way around the edge. Make sure you bring something to cut the packaging open with or you will fight with it. I really wish they made it a little easier to open up. If you look around the packaging you will find anything you need to know including a full list of CPU's supported and all of the specifications. Titan proudly advertises the tube of Royal Grease and 4pin to 3pin adapter cable that are both included with the Fenrir.

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IMG_4728 [lr]

IMG_4729 [lr]

Our Test Rig

Intel i7 920
Gigabyte GA-EXS8-UD4P Motherboard
Corsair 620 Power supply
1gb x 3 Triple channel A-Data Ram
320Gb Seagate Hard Drive
EVGA 8800GTS G92
Lancool K58
Windows 7

IMG_5544 [lr]


Installing the Fenrir onto our test rig I noticed right away that the backplate reminded me of the 1366 socket backplate from Noctua. The installation didn't go as smoothly as the Noctua's but wasn't too bad. We did have problems with this heat sink fitting on the Foxconn Renaissance motherboard, the heat sink didn't clear the northbridge cooler.  In other words be cautious of what motherboard you plan to use this on, it worked on our other test board though.

IMG_5545 [lr]


IMG_5546 [lr]


Running through our normal test I found the Fenir to perform surprisingly well against other 1366 heatsinks. It didnt outperform the V10 but was almost the same as the V8's performance. The chrome painted fan had me worried a little when I first installed it, generally fans that have been painted like that are not the best quality. The Fenrir's fan was almost silent at anything but full RPM.




The monstrous wolf name is a fairly good representation of this heatsink. Its large size is deceiving until you see it in person. This size caused a few fitment issues during the installation with some motherboards and although we didn't have any problem I am willing to bet it won't fit in some smaller cases also. It's that same size that helped it perform well during testing. At around 25 dollars cheaper than the V8 on most websites the Fenrir could be a great alternative. The 120mm fan may look like a cheap fan from a distance, but up close its obvious they used only top quality parts. At anything but full RPM the fan was dead silent making this perfect for noise sensitive enthusiasts also.


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