img_3170-lanoc-reviews-lanoc-reviews-smallGetting the best performance out of your heatsink depends on the perfect application of thermal paste. If there is old thermal paste left over or to much is used you can decrease the performance of even the best heatsinks. In the past I've just wiped thermal paste off with a towel, if it gets really tough I used rubbing alcohol. Tuniq realized that there is an issue where most people don't clean their CPU off properly. They developed TR-1 as a reaction to that problem. Considering how often I am swapping heatsinks I am excited to see how this will perform. Read on to find out!

Review Sample Provided by: Tuniq

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes


Specifications and Features


Non-Toxic and Environmentally Safe
RoHS Compliant
Not Electrically conductive
High Effective
Easy Application

Specifications: 30ml

How to Clean Grease

Tuniq TR-1 Thermal Material Remover quickly dissolves the existing thermal grease, TX-2,. The thermal compound can easily be removed with a clean cloth.
1. Fully saturate the thermal pad or compound with several drops of TR-1 and wait 30 to 50 seconds for the thermal material to be dissolved.
2. Gently wipe with a clean cloth to completely remove thermal material.
Keep away from children
Keep away from fire
Avoid eyes contact and ingestion



Tuniq packed the TR-1 into almost the exact same packaging as its TX-2 thermal paste that we reviewed last June. That packaging is a clear baggy with a black top. There is very little information on the packaging, but due to it being a clear bag you can read anything you need to know directly off of the bottle.



Judging the performance of a cleaning product is mostly subjective. The best way to test this out would be to find a pc that hasn't had the thermal paste removed for years. Frankly, in my house this I hard to come by, I had to settle for thermal paste that had been on a heatsink and burnt in for about a week. Normally I clean the thermal paste off with a paper towel, if its old rubbing alcohol will help. Because of my lack of old thermal paste, the paste on our q6600 was still a little wet. I put a drop of TR-1 directly in the middle and watched as the paste thinned and began to run. After I let it soak in I wiped the now water like thermal paste right off. It took a second pass to get the entire residue off, but this stuff broke down the thermal paste as if it was butter on a grill.




If you have had trouble getting thermal paste off this is the product for you. I would recommend this for people who would be working with old thermal paste. If you are like me and can't leave things alone this can help also but it won't be as needed. If you're planning on digging into moms 5 year old PC to fix an overheating problem you better be packing some Tuniq TR-1 ;). testdefalt-final5highlyrecomended1

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