img_0217-lanoc-reviews-lanoc-reviews-smallI recently reviewed the Guitar stand from Dudethingcreations. As it turns out, they aren't alone in the market for Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitar stands. A company by the name of Measure Twice Products also produces a 4-guitar stand with a drastically different design. They also produce a Wall mountable hanger available in two different designs. Today we will be looking at both; I plan to figure out if their stand will stand up to our abuse.

Review Sample Provided by: Measure Twice Products

Review by: Wes

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4-Way Black Stand With Flames
Dimensions: 11.25 inches x 11.25 inches x 31 inches tall..
Distance from hanger to base: 29 inches
Hanger interior width: 1.6 inches



The guitar stand and wall mount both came in one cardboard box with newspaper wrapped around the top of the stand keeping the loose parts and wall mount secure. Considering this is a hand made product I wasn't surprised that it didn't come in a packaging that you would see in a retail store. The box came in good shape but I worry that the stand may get damaged in shipping if someone at UPS is having a bad day.



Measure Twice Product's stand required a very small amount of setup time. Everything was put together on the stand other than the rubber U shaped mounts. Installing them was as simple as twisting them into pre drilled holes. The wall mount was just as simple, this time the U mount was already installed. All you have to do is screw the one screw into the wall. Next thing you know you are back to playing your games.





I put the stand to use as soon as I received it to help clean up the mess of guitars in our living room. The rubber U mounts are the perfect size to hold our guitars without worrying about scratching. The stand is the perfect height to hold standard guitars, if you own any of the full sized or bass guitars this stand won't work for you. That's where the wall mount comes into play; you can hold any size guitar with the wall mount. The wall mount is as strong as the wall it is attached too.



Anyone who has been into guitar hero or Rock Band for too long have a need for a good place to store them at this point. Both the 4 guitar stand and the wall mounts from Measure Twice Products are great options. I think the wall mount would be perfect for getting guitars out of the way in a game room without loosing any floor space. The lightning bold design gives it a little rock and roll style without being too over done. Speaking of rock and roll style, they gave our stand the flame treatment giving it a lot of style. This is an optional paint job available for a small price increase; you can also opt for the standard black. In the end the prices are reasonable for a quality guitar stand. The only downside I could find would be the protection during shipping, as long as Measure Twice would cover any damage in shipping this isn't really a major concern to me. If you are looking for a simple guitar stand make sure to stop by the Measure Twice Products website.


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