The packaging for the Ophion Evo was simple and to the point. It comes in a brown box with black print and the front has a drawing of the case. The model name is most prominent then they point out that this is an aluminum mini-ITX case along with the Raijintek branding and a glass sticker that warns people to be careful and also lets you know this case has tempered glass side panels. The end of the case does have a specification listing which even includes max height on the CPU cooler and graphics card length as well as mentioning that a 240 radiator fits. This is a lot more information than you get on a lot of boxes and it would give you the info needed to buy the rest of your components.

image 1

image 2

Inside of the box, you have the case wrapped up in plastic and then two foam panels that hold the case up away from all of the edges and absorb some shock from when the box gets tossed around.

image 3

image 4

Also inside you do get an instruction manual which has a picture and count for all of the screws right on the front. Then you get a bundle of foam insulation and a bag filled with the case screws, rubber hard drive mounts, and zip ties. This is a small case and they give you a good amount of zip ties to get your wiring in order. You might be wondering about those foam strips. Those are a little weird, they are included as an optional way to seal the edge around the glass side panels if you don’t want that large gap to be part of your ventilation.

image 21

image 22


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Just looking at your images I would image that case is air starved.

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