Fractal Design kept things looking the same when it came to the packaging for the Define S2. They have always used a normal brown box with just black print on the outside and it’s the same here. You have a line drawing of the case on the front along with Fractal branding up top and down on the bottom with the model name in the top right corner. They did slip in a fragile sticker though that really stands out on the brown. The case color option is a sticker as well, ours is the black with white accents model. They put specifications on the case and a lot of information on the cooling on the side of the box, so if you are shopping in a retail store you will still be able to tell if this will fit your hardware. Then on the back, there is a blown up line drawing showing more of the components along with numbers for labels for 7 key features that they explain.

image 1

image 2

image 3

Inside of the box, the case comes in a plastic bag and with foam on both sides to keep it from moving around inside of its box. The case also came with plastic on the inside and outside of the glass side panel to protect it from fingerprints and I imagine to help keep it all in one place if the glass brakes. For documentation Fractal includes a user manual and a warranty paper, both come in a plastic bag. Then all of the accessories are all deep inside of the case, I will touch on those later.

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