Unlike a lot of manufactures, NZXT actually spends the money to make sure their packaging stands out from all of the brown cardboard of the others. The H400i has a purple and white theme for the box. On the main side, there is a picture of the black and white model with a full build in it. The NZXT branding is up in the corner and the model is below the case but the rest is very clean and simple. When you flip the box around there is another photo, this time a closeup of the front I/O of that same white and black case and just the model number on this side.

image 1

image 3

Then each end of the box has something going on as well. The bright purple catches your eye and then you have a short feature and specification list on one end. The other goes into more detail into features like the CAM powered controller. They also talk about the craftsmanship and how easy the H400i is to build in.

image 2

image 4

Last but not least, when you open the box up, the H400i comes in your standard plastic bag and then foam on both ends to help protect the case during shipping. Given the tempered glass side panel is going to be less forgiving than other designs, this is important.

image 5


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