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Once I finished up my testing I could finally sit down and go over the details on the Meshify C Mini and see if it is the right case for your next Micro-ATX build. So for starters, even right out of the box I loved the new angular mesh design. The rest of the case looks like old school Fractal but the new front is unique and would go really well with Nvidia’s current styling as well. Hell Nvidia built their new building with this tessellated angular look. Like past Fractal Design cases, the Meshify C Mini has easy to remove and clean filters with the magnetic one on top, the slide in on the bottom, and the front mesh panel with foam behind it. For those who dig tempered glass, you also have something to love as well. I like that with the glass Fractal painted around the edge to hide anything that might make it look unfinished and they also beveled the outside edge to help the thick glass match up with the case. There were other things I liked about the case that didn’t fit into the pro’s and con’s list as well like the clean look that the power supply shroud gives the case, the blacked out design, and the modular hard drive configuration that can hold up to 5 drives.

There was room to improve, especially with the front I/O. I felt like the power button was a little cheap looking and would match better with the case with a nice aluminum design. I would also love to see them start to move to including a front USB Type C connection as well. There were cases early last year with them and a good portion of the motherboards are starting to have the internal header for it. I also found that once I had our test setup in the case that the front is going to be tight to fit a radiator and fans in with some longer cards like our 1070 Ti Strix.

For me, though I think it was the price that really cemented how I feel about this case. You end up with a quality Fractal construction, tempered glass, and most of the features that modern cases should have at a price point that fits into budget builds. At just under $90 this is a great pickup and really you can forgive Fractal for not including that Type-C plug. I have been arguing for a long time that IT or at most Micro-ATX is really all that most people need and with a case like this that is a little smaller and lighter than a full ATX case you might not even hate yourself if you take it to a few LAN events a year as well. All while having room to expand in the future, for what I don’t know considering SKI/Crossfire has slowly faded away, but there is still room! The blacked out design is also a blank canvas that would look good in a minimalists office or let you up the style with a little RGB lighting through that glass side panel.


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