The Dark Base Pro 900 is a large case so to keep all of it safe the box for it is even larger. It barely fit on my case shelf. The box is all blacked out and in the center on the front there is a somewhat small photo of the case. Below that they have the model name along with the trim color. Up in the top right, you have the Be Quiet! branding. The top left has three short features mentioned but it isn’t until you look on the back of the box where we find more information on the case. The back has a larger photo of the case with the side panel off along with six smaller pictures. Each of the smaller photos highlights a case feature and below them Be Quiet! explains the feature.

image 1

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Inside the box, the case comes wrapped up in a microfiber bag to keep it safe from small scratches and it sits in between two Styrofoam panels.

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Other than the case itself, they did pack a few things inside. You get a user manual and unlike some cases, I think it is important on this case. You might need it to figure out all of the modular capabilities. Inside they have instructions with line drawings. My only complaint is that they have things split up by what you are doing, not by languages. So to flip through to find something you can’t do it quickly or you might miss it.

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For accessories, you get a big bag filled with them. There is a group of Velcro wire management ties. There are all of the screws needed for your motherboard, PSU, and all of those drive bays and each is split up into their own bag. The orange grommets over on the right are for if you pull out any of the drive bays. You can fill the holes to keep a clean look. Then the X looking mount is a water pump mount. The other bracket is the upper fan bracket and you get three more motherboard standoffs for when you run E-ATX boards.

image 48

Other than the included water cooling bracket, I think the two LED strips are the coolest accessory included. They are a little different than what you typically see. They are solid PCB so they aren’t like the flexible LEDs than you can pick up. They are also proprietary to the controller in this case, they don’t have a standard LED connection. I love the black PCBs and they include double sided tape in a few spots on the back to install them. The lights themselves are white, I was expecting Orange given the case, but white is a great choice.

image 46

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