With everything together, I have been messing around with the Core P1 in a few different situations. Performance testing was a little different than normal here. The case itself doesn’t come with any fans so making sure the fans were quiet wasn’t really a big concern. With the completely open-air design cooling is less of a concern but I was still curious about it. You see with the D-Frame Mini that I also have in use, the radiator fans blow up across the motherboard and video card to at least keep some airflow going. This design has no fans blowing anywhere around. Thankfully though the airflow from the video card and the open air design itself did still do their job and I didn’t run into any thermal issues.

Of course, the open air design itself is going to really depend on your living situation. You wouldn’t want to have something like this with kids who might get into it and even in my own home with three cats them messing around in the case could be a concern. The big issue for me will most likely be cat hair though. With an open top dust and dirt can and will fall in and unlike the D-Frame Mini with the video card orientated in the better-looking orientation, you have more space for dust to collect so plan on cleaning it all out more often than a standard case.

As far as moving it around or using it for LAN events. The case wasn’t too hard to grab or hold with the big pegs that hold the glass on but the overall weight is a little crazy. The case without anything in it is almost 21 pounds, so add in all of the components on top of that and things really start to add up. In addition to that, this is really a case that shines best with custom water cooling and that is going to really add the pounds as well so this wouldn’t be my first choice for a mobile case even with the ITX form factor.

image 42

image 43

But god damn does it look good when all together. You can’t get away with anything but a fully thought out build in the open design but if you take your time picking components the payoff is really worth it. Even the Ring fans alone really look good.

image 44

image 45


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