In case you haven’t heard of Caselabs before I should point out that they are one of those rare situations where production doesn’t get shipped overseas, Caselabs cases are made in America, in California in fact. There isn’t a big production line, it is a machine shop that designs and produces everything in house. So it's no surprise that the box for the Bullet is just a standard brown box. They did, however, include a made in the USA sticker. Inside of the box, our orange BH7 comes wrapped up in a very thick plastic and then it is put in the box with foam in each corner keeping everything secure and giving a small buffer from damage. The documentation is in a plastic folder that is inside of another thick plastic bag, then it is taped to the case. The BH7 was also the first time in my life that I have gotten a PC component with a living thing inside, when I was pulling everything out (and it's all in there very tight), I had a centipede run out and scare the crap out of me lol.

image 1

image 8

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So when ordering the Bullet BH7 Caselabs gave me a voucher to cover the cost of the case, but I went a little above that and paid for a few upgrades myself. I picked up handles, their lighting mounting bars, and I went with dual windows. So when opening everything up I did have to dig into the case and dig out the case handles prior to getting photos of the case. On top of that, I also had to remove the two side panel windows and take off the protective coating.

image 10

So I had to remove all of the screws to take off the top panel then take off the nuts holding each window on. It didn’t take too long but plan on having to do a little pre-work when getting the case in. This was a lot better than my last Caselabs case that came in flat packed and had to be built.

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Inside the case I found our handle upgrade packed in a ton of bubble wrap to keep it from doing any damage inside of the case. In addition to that, I also found that they pre-installed the light mounting bars. Also inside was a large bag with all of the accessories and screws. Caselabs did a great job of individually packing each into their own bag and then putting labels on everything. You get standoffs, case feet, cable ties, rubber mounts for hard drives, a bag of spare parts, and an SSD mounting kit.

image 11

image 16

For documentation, they have a full set of printed out instructions on how to build in the Bullet cases

image 52

image 53

Before getting photos let also put the new handles on. The mounting holes for the handles come pre-drilled out and plugged with plastic fillers. I don’t know if you order the case without handles if it will come with these same holes and frankly I’m a little torn on if it should. On one hand it would be nice to not have the black plastic dots if you don’t plan on using handles, but on the other hand, if they pre-drill all of the cases you could get the handles later if you change your mind without damaging the finish. Anyhow the handles just screw on with two very large screws, it doesn’t get much easier than that.

image 14

image 13

image 38


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