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Every single time I check out a case from Corsair I find myself impressed that they manage to change things up and be fresh and innovative for each case. They do that without going over the top and keeping things clean. For the 760T the full side panel window really stood out to me. All of the space in the 760T is just begging for a flashy custom water cooling setup with a big reservoir over on the right. Not only is there space, but with the large side panel window you would be able to show it off as well. Really I think one of the downsides of the 760T is that there is so much room for an amazing quad GPU water cooled rig that with a single card and a closed loop water cooling kit its going to look empty. Its weird because the 760T really isn’t THAT large, but Corsair did a great job of using the space that you do have. You can pack in quad GPUs, a triple radiator, pump, reservoir, six 3.5 inch drives, and still have space for four SSDs on the back.

The large side panel window not only looks amazing but it is also an easy to use door. Corsair put a nice car door like handle on it along with hinges for both side panels to swing open. To keep things together they use magnets on the side panels and also up on the top panel. This did lead to issues with the side panel wanting to come open when transporting the 760T but when in place the doors stay securely closed. Overall this is a easy to work in case both because of its interior space and its good wire management. Combine that with its clean styling and you really do have a great case. With an MSRP of just under $180 it is a little expensive though, but the price is fitting for the features that you are getting and the high end builds that it seems designed to fit.



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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36235 04 Feb 2015 23:06
I recently took a look at the 380T LANrig, today I follow up by checking out Corsairs full ATX 760T.

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