Installation and Performance

Before I get into performance I did have to get our test build into the 760T. To start things off I pulled out the paperwork that was included with the case. You get a small installation guide as well as a small paper on the cases warranty. For accessories Corsair gives you a bag full of all of the screws needed. Each screw type is in its own bag but you will have to figure out what each one of them does. You also get four medium sized zip ties. I would prefer them to include a few more, four never seems enough to get everything cleaned up, but it is enough to get the basics done.

image 40

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Installing our hard drive was simple, the toolless hard drive trays basically just snap onto the hard drive. From there you just slide it in and it snaps into place.

image 39

The size of the 760T made installing our X99 motherboard in it simple. There was MORE than enough room for our Noctua heatsink as well, with about two inches of additional room for you to be able to go with a taller 140mm heatsink if needed. Of course the case is also designed to work well with water cooling, installing that would go about as easy, you can install a triple 120 or double 140mm radiator up top and there is more than enough room to mount a reservoir and a pump as well for custom water cooling. Our GTX 780 looks tiny in the 760T with all of the additional room over on the right, I would almost feel obligated to run custom water cooling just to fill that space up with a large reservoir. Wiring the 760T went smoothly as well. Corsair basically created the trend to use large rubber grommets in the motherboard tray for clean wiring and this case is no different. There was enough room for our huge 1200 watt power supply with room to still get in to plug in cables.

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With everything together, I was’t really surprised with the overall performance of the 760T. With fans across the front and an exhaust on the rear the 760T has more than enough cooling right out of the box and frankly with so much room inside I don’t think you could mess up the cooling with bad wiring even if you tried. This really isn’t a case that I would be considering if you need something mobile. If you are hitting a lot of LANs you might want something a little smaller or something that is easier to carry. Moving it around the office I was always worried about scratching up the side panels and while they stay closed well when sitting in place, they are easy to bump open when moving it around. I would build a 380T for my LANrig then a monster build in the 760T at the house. The three fans ran more than quiet enough but if you are concerned you do still have the two speed fan speed controller on the front panel to slow things down even more.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36235 04 Feb 2015 23:06
I recently took a look at the 380T LANrig, today I follow up by checking out Corsairs full ATX 760T.

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