While the large side panel kindof gives the impression that this is a small case. Opening it up you can see that this is a big case. You get an impressive 9 expansion bays on the back to support the XL and E ATX boards. That means you can run quad SLI or Crossfire assuming your motherboard supports it. Even then you will still have an open slot even. Video card support is basically unlimited, you have the full length of the case left to right for the length of the card, room for any card currently made and some. There is about two inches from the top of the expansion slots to the door as well. This is getting more important to keep in mind these days with video cards getting taller and taller. That should be enough room for anything on the market as well.

For wiring I love that Corsair was careful to completely black everything out including the USB 3.0 cable. A lot of manufactures black everything out then leave the blue USB 3.0 cable. Speaking of wiring for wire management you get three grommeted holes along the right side of your motherboard and one at the bottom for wiring.

image 28

The 760T has six toolless hard drive trays down in the bottom right corner. This is a great location because it is out of the way of your long video cards, close to the power supply for easy wiring, and directly in front of one of the front mounted intake fans. Being so close to the fans these drives should get enough airflow although I’m not sure that the drives on the left would get enough if also had drives in the right three trays. To install your 3.5 inch hard drive you just have to pull out the tray and stretch it over your hard drive, the pegs on the sides will snap into the mounting holes. You can also install 2.5 inch drives here as well but you will have to screw them to the bottom of the tray.

image 29

image 30

Up in the top right corner all three of the 5.25 inch drive bays have toolless locks to lock things down. Your drive will slide in without any effort and snap into place.  To remove it you push the button and it will slide back into place. If you need to mount the traditional way you still can as well. If you want to go with a custom water cooling setup this is also a great place to mount your pump.

image 31

image 32

At the rear of the 760T it comes with a 140mm exhaust fan. I was a little surprised that Corsair went with this off white/grey blade color, it looks great but it feels a little more like Fractal, for Corsair I would have expected a high end all black fan to go with the blacked out side panels.

image 33

In addition to all of the grommeted holes for the wiring, the motherboard tray also has a large hole in it under your motherboard. The hole nearly reaches all four of the motherboard standoffs meaning the hole is almost the size of an ITX motherboard. This means you shouldn’t have an trouble getting at a CPU backplate, especially with that easy to open side panel.

image 34

Down in the bottom left corner under the expansion slots is the power supply mount. As I mentioned in the outside section, the intake fan grill for the power supply is filtered. If for some reason you need even more cooling in the 760T you can also slip in another fan just past the power supply as well.

image 35

When we flip the 760T around to see what is going on behind the motherboard tray the first thing that caught my eye was the four 2.5 inch SSD mounts over on the left. I’ve been seeing this a lot recently and I’m really excited the companies are starting to give the option to hide your SSDs. Years ago I used to double sided sticky tape SSDs and 2.5 inch hard drives behind motherboard trays to make room for more water cooling. Now we get room for water cooling, hard drive trays, and even more behind the motherboard tray! The 760T also has just over an inch of space between the motherboard tray and the side panel, this should be enough room to get all of your wiring under control without having to fight to get the door closed.

image 25

image 26

image 27


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I recently took a look at the 380T LANrig, today I follow up by checking out Corsairs full ATX 760T.

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