Fractal stuck with what always works for them on the packaging for the Node 804. That is a standard cardboard box with a line drawing of the case on the front along with the fractal logo and a large black bar with the Node 804 name in it. Around on the side of the box they did include a full specification listing. It’s great to be able to see every detail and measurement before picking the case up, especially when shopping in a store. No one wants to get home and find out that something doesn’t fit. The back of the packaging has a little more information on the case including information on various highlighted features. There is a second line drawing here as well, this time it is of the full case inside and out with everything pulled apart.

image 1

image 2

image 3

The case itself comes wrapped up in a plastic bag to keep it clean and dry. To keep it safe they use Styrofoam panels on each side. This keeps it spaced out from the edge of the box and absorbs some impact if it gets dropped or tossed around in shipping.

image 4

For documentation Fractal includes a full user guide with tips on building your PC in the case. Inside the case you will also find a small box with all of the screws. You get a small baggie of rubber grommets, a bag full of all black screws, a few zip ties, and a small metal plate.

image 28

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VaporX replied the topic: #35920 29 Nov 2014 14:50
The move to SFF building continues to grow. For me personally anything over an mATX sized case is just to big and bulky. Right now for me there are two companies fighting for my case of choice and Fractal is one of them. The Node series is amazing and the Define Mini as well as Arc mini give you two other styling options while staying small.

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