The packaging for the Mini R2 is basically a mini-me of the ARC XL’s packaging that I previously took a look at. On one side of the box, we have a line drawing of the case itself. On the other side Fractal has done another line drawing, but this time of the case broken down. Each feature is highlighted with a number that corresponds to an in depth explanation of that feature in the text up above the photo.

image 1

image 2

As usual, the case itself is wrapped up in a plastic bag to prevent any scratches and the sitting in two pieces of Styrofoam to keep it safe while shipping.

image 3

For documentation, Fractal included a small resealable bag with the color user manual inside. Along with it is a red paper that warns that if you have an issue and need to exchange the case to contact Fractal directly rather than taking it back to the store you got it from.

image 36

Deep inside the case itself, we have a small box with all of the screws, standoffs, and zip ties needed to install everything into the Arc Mini R2. Everything comes in resealable bags, so you won’t have to worry about losing any of your extras after building your PC. There is nothing worse than going to upgrade your PC and not being able to find the screws you need.

image 35


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #34692 02 May 2014 20:34
Man, its crazy how much you have to get done after a vacation. Now that I am back in the office I have so much to do before we head out to Nexus LAN this weekend. I do still have a review for you guys to check out today. Take a look at another Fractal case once again, this time a little smaller. Enjoy!!

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