Overall and Final Verdict

With this being XFX’s first attempt in the case market I don’t think anyone, including me, had any idea of what to expect. My first impression of the Type01 was that XFX really with a unique styling when compared to everything else that is on the market. In the past unique hasn’t always been a good thing, but I really do like the look that XFX put together.

One complaint would be with the amount of plastic they had to use. In my pros and cons, you will notice I mention that they styled the Type01 to match their video cards. If the Type01 would have come out a year earlier, this would have been perfect, but with the redesign of their cards for the R series, it means picking up a card to match your case will have you buying last year’s models. Inside its obvious XFX did their homework on wire management before building their first case, the Type01 is practically made out of grommeted holes. My only other nitpick would be with the top mounted I/O panel, with your USB ports facing up like this there is the potential to collect a little more dust and dirt than normal, so keep an eye on it if you decide to pick up the Type01.

All in all I think XFX did a good job on their first case. I really hope they stick at it and we have a chance to see what they come up with in the future. A case designed to match their current cards with the blacked out design and glowing XFX logo would look kick ass for example!


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #34936 04 Jun 2014 21:51
For our mid week review, I take a look at XFX's first PC case to see if they are as good at making cases as they are video cards

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