My initial impression of the Type01 was that there couldn’t possibly be more fitting case from XFX and there is nothing else on the market that is anything like this case. The combination of roundness on the top and flat front and side panels isn’t what I typically see. Normally the roundness is on the front or on the top corners. As for the “XFX” look, the side panel badges with the model name on it fit perfectly with last year’s XFX video cards.

image 4

As someone who ran four of the XFX cards for a very long time because of how much I loved the styling with the reddish orange name badge on the side I can say that the badge on the side of the Type01 looks good. My only disappointment with it is the timing of this cases launch. I have a feeling that they pushed to introduce this case long before now but had delays. The orange badge fits perfectly with last year’s XFX cards but XFX dropped that styling for a different look for this year’s cards. If you were building a new PC with this case it’s doubtful that you are going to want to go with last year’s cards, if you can even find them. With that being said, this still looks good though. The rest of the side panel skipped out on a windowed side panel for a more functional vent that runs from the bottom all the way to the top of the case. This side panel vent should help with pulling in fresh air for both the video cards and the CPU should you air cool it.

image 5

image 6

image 7

The front panel of the Type01 is designed to match the venting on the side panel. XFX even went as far as matching that same venting over the three 5.25 inch drive bays up top. If you decide to install a disc drive you won’t have to worry about messing up this look because each drive bay is designed with a button pass through and a spring loaded flip out to keep your love for having a DVD drive hidden from all the people (like me) who have stopped installing them. Up at the top of the front panel if you look closely you will see the power and reset buttons blending into that same venting. They even slipped in status LEDs for both as well. Really the only thing that disrupts the clean look of the ventilation is the chrome XFX badge down at the bottom of the case.

image 11

image 9

image 10

image 12

image 8

Over on the right side of the Type01 things are exactly the same as the left side. I expected them to drop the vents on this side with this being the side with the motherboard tray, but XFX stuck with it and continued the look all the way around all the way down to the reddish orange name badge again. They even made sure to flip the logos to match the other side properly.

image 13

As expected, up top the ventilation continued. XFX even cut out a section of the curved top to give full view to the ventilation. Also up here is the “front” I/O panel. You get four USB 2.0 plugs as well as both microphone and headphone jacks. All of the connections have easy to read logos so you shouldn’t have any mix-ups. I’m not sure if I like the jacks being on the top though, if you use your PC on your desk or put the case under your desk it’s going to be a little hard to get access too.

image 16

image 17

Really the only part of the case that isn’t dominated by the plastic paneling and the horizontal vents on the Type01 is the rear of the case. Back here XFX has chosen to paint the back black to match the rest of the case. We have a 120/140mm fan vent right next to the rear I/O panel. Just above it they did include a rubber grommet for routing your water cooling out the back of the case should you need more cooling capacity. There is a second grommet just above the cases 8 PCI slots, I suspect that this one might come in handy if you ever need to plug in a USB device but keep it inside of the case. All eight of the PCI slot covers are made of a mesh, adding to the cases crazy amounts of ventilation. The power supply is mounted down at the bottom of the case. When you look at the power supply mounting bracket you can see just how wide this case really is. Some cases are just barely wider than the power supply but the Type01 has over an inch and a half on each side of it.

image 15

image 15

Before checking out the inside of the Type01, no outside section would be complete without a peak as the bottom of the case as well. As expected, XFX did continue the ventilation here as well. To keep the case standing up, they had to add long feet onto each side of the curved bottom panel. Each foot has a long rubber strip attached to the bottom to keep the Type01 from sliding around and causing you issues.

image 18


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