The Type 1 comes boxed up in a fairly standard brown cardboard box with no color artwork on it. XFX did still manage to include a little bit of their styling with the Type01 logo matching the red badges on their previous generation of video cards. The dashes on the side also match the case perfectly as well. Inside however I was impressed with XFX going a different route for protection of the case. Rather than standard Styrofoam, they used plastic foam attached to cardboard. This made pulling the case out extremely easy compared to pulling other cases out of their boxes. The foam is cut to fit the case perfectly as you can see in my third image.

image 1

image 2

image 3

Digging farther in, all the way inside of the case in fact you will find another box with the Type01’s accessories, screws, and documentation. Here you have five SSD mounting trays and the 3 ½ inch bay adapter on the odd chance you might need to install a floppy drive in your PC. The instruction manual is great with a full color cover and all of the information you might need inside. XFX also included a small bag with the motherboard screws as well as an I/O speaker and a few small zip ties to help you tidy up your build when you finish building it.



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For our mid week review, I take a look at XFX's first PC case to see if they are as good at making cases as they are video cards

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