The Petite PT13 really shows its size the second you get a look at the packaging it comes in. This is by far the smallest cases box I have ever seen. Honestly this isn’t much larger than the standard sized accessories box that you would find inside of a standard case. The box itself is simple and to the point with a cardboard colored box and black artwork on top. You have a line drawing of the case on the cover and next to that image Silverstone included a couple notes about its compatibility and its size (1.4 liters). On the sie there is a full specification listing, this in my opinion is very important on a case this size. You wouldn’t want to get home and find out your hard drive or motherboard isn’t going to fit on any case, but on the PT13 the odds of parts not fitting are much higher than normal.

image 8

image 9

Inside the box, other than the case itself, you do get a few accessories. First the case does come with a stand to stand the PT13 on end should you need to. You also get two brackets that allow you to mount it directly to the VESA mount on the back of your monitor or television to completely hide the case. Silverstone included a small bag of screws with your motherboard, hard drive, and VESA screws. They also include the rubber feat that go on the bottom of the case for people who plan on laying it flat on your table or under your television.

image 18

image 19



The AR04 has a little more color than the PT13 in its packaging. This time you get a blue on blue box. On the top you have a photo of the heatsink along with a few of the heatsink’s features as well as what CPUs it supports. The box itself is extremely small, showing off how small the heatsink really is. Inside there is a small piece of padding covering everything up and keeping things tight to prevent them from moving around. Under the padding you have a paper with the installation instructions on it and along with that a small packet of thermal paste. Of course you will also find the heatsink under the thermal paste and instructions as well.

image 1

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I hope everyone is ready for the weekend. To end the week I took a look at a case and heatsink from Silverstone that are perfect together. I think you guys might like them, enjoy!

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