Now we blow the doors off at take a look at the MX500’s guts. Front cover removed, we see the front intake fan placement. Here there is room for a pair of 120mm fans as well as a place to easily route their power connectors back to the motherboard.

MX500 21

MX500 22

The motherboard plate in the MX500 has a large opening for easy installation of aftermarket cooling solutions and four large open channels to route cabling. It would be nice to see these openings with rubber grommets like in other cases but the holes have no sharp edges so it is really more of an aesthetic thing.

MX500 23

The MX500 has a deep well for your ATX/mATX motherboard and comes set in the A format seen on the outside of the box. In this set up there is room for up to seven standard 3.5’ HDDs or three SSDs and 4 HDDs. The external 5.25” bays are tool-free and easy to install any optical drives or fan controllers you may have.

MX500 24

MX500 25

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