Overall and Final Verdict

When looking at most smaller form factor cases you will notice that there are comprises in every one of them. You are obviously going to compromise overall space, and at the same time you are usually going to gain great features or a lower price. The Cougar spike offers some nice features and offers a low price point at $39.99 MSRP. One compromise of the case is the light weight material of the case. However this is both to keep the case portable as well as easy on your wallet. The completely painted black interior is a nicer looking than a grey metal case, but since you do not see inside this case the benefit is minor. I like the inclusion of a USB 3.0 and 2.0 port up front. The case will probably need some additional cooling installed when loading your rig in. Also this case would work best if you have a modular power supply as you do not really have the option for much cable management inside the case. You do not have to have a modular power supply but it would be best to keep air properly flowing in the case. Overall I feel that the Spike case is a good budget case for someone that wants to built a convenient sized rig and does not need a lot of extras. 


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Author: Brock

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