The Spike case showed up at the doorstep in a standard brown cardboard box splashed with black designs and text. On the front you see Spike in large bold letters and a printed design showing the front of the case. You also see the Cougar logo and that they call this case a Mini Gaming Tower. 

ss 1

On the right side you see another design of the case and more Cougar and Spike logos. There are a few large barcodes on this side as well as a large sticker with information used by Cougar.

ss 2

Over on the back of the box you see a diagram as well as a listing of the features. It also lays out some of the details regarding diferent sections of the case.  It also makes it a point to show you that the case can take up to a 330mm graphics card.

ss 3

After opening the box you will find that the case is packed with two styrofoam containers, as well as some platsic to get the case to you safely. 

ss 4

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