On the outside the white trim was just two small PCI slot covers, but when we opened up the Node 304 we were surprised to find three large white hard drive hangers right on top. Each hanger holds two hard drives of 2.5 or 3.5 inch sizes. The 2.5 inch drives are mounted directly to the hangers while the 3.5 inch mounts are rubber to keep vibration down. Each hanger has two thumbscrews and one recessed screw holding them in place. In order for Fractal to fit all three they notched the frame of the case to prevent the rubber hard drive mounts from catching on the case when you slide them back into place. Of course working in this case you will most likely have to remove all three hangers for access and if you decide to run a long video card you will only be able to reinstall one back in.

image 9

image 13

image 21

image 22

Just in front of the hard drive hangers you have two 92mm fans mounted to the front of the case that blow right over top of your drives.

image 11

Under the hard drive hangers you have the power supply mount as well as where the front panel wiring comes into the case.

image 12

The back of the case from the inside is fairly simple, you can see the fan controller wiring above the PCI slots. The 140mm fan looks huge, especially when you consider that just below it will be a Mini ITX board that is almost the same size.

image 10

As you can see there isn’t any place to hide your wiring in the Node 304 so you want to do your best to keep things wires cleanly. From the power supply all the way over to the motherboard there are small zip tie mounts for you to be able to keep your wiring tied down and out of the way. Its important for cooling, especially in such a small case.

image 19


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