The first thing that I noticed about the Fractal Node 304’s packaging is that it wasn’t at all flashy. The box is a simple black and brown cardboard with a diagram of the case and its features on the front. The picture of the case on the front is an actual piece by piece breakdown of the entire product. The pieces are each numbered and to the left of the picture we can find a list of key features that point us to their corresponding location on the product. On either side we can see product specifications or an image of the entire case from the outside. It is clear based on the overall packaging that Fractal is confident in the product that they are putting out and that no wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube men are needed to get impulse buyers.

image 23

image 24

image 25

On the inside we found that the case is nice and secure inside of two pieces of foam. These hold the case firmly in place through the shipping process and also protect it from getting banged up if a bump is hit or it is tossed around a little too violently. Inside of the foam the case is placed inside of a plastic bag, this is likely so that it keeps the new case shine all the way to the doorstep. Inside the box we also found a few different baggies with stuff inside. There are two baggies with screws alone that are meant to be used for hard drive mounting and other miscellaneous things throughout the case. There is also another baggie that contains three zip ties, some more screws, and some standoffs for the motherboard. Also included is a user manual for anyone who might need it.

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