When the GR one showed up at the office, I thought there may be a fully built computer inside. Crafted out of 0.8mm SECC steel, this is definitely a heavy full tower. But outside of hauling this beast to and from LAN party, that’s a good thing: it’s structurally sound to house extended, enthusiast hardware and lots of it.

If you decide to go with air cooling, the GR one accommodates a little extra then the typical full tower, with the 120mm fan mounted on both sides of the top hard drive cage. The combination provides stronger airflow over the hard drives, and pushes more air throughout the rest of the case. With up to three fans mountable on top, you can get some great throughput.

IMG 1361

The windowed side panel looks nice, and secures to the panel with normal Philips so removing, for whatever reason, isn’t a pain. The window extends to the bottom of the chassis, so it reveals more, but eliminates the option to hide cables or lighting along the bottom. Often times we’ll see manufacturers cut the window out just before the power supply for this very reason.

IMG 1322

Installation is about as painless as it gets, thanks to the majority of hardware being mounted using tool-less mechanisms. The GR one supports up to E-ATX motherboard form factor and just about any extended hardware you could throw at it. In-Win has not included any sort of adapters to convert 5.25” to 3.5” external, or even 3.5” internal drives to 2.5”.

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