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I have been curious to get my hands on a white case for a while. Setting it on my desk it is certainly noticeable, though I concluded it really isn’t my style. That being said it does look sharp and will fit someone’s style. To recap the statement in the introduction of this article, it is safe to say it really isn’t a passing fad. White or “snow” editions of cases are around to stay.

In terms of the In Win Mana 136 White, the style is sharp and eye catching. As a mid-tower it is compact, but provides sufficient room for all but the most extreme setups. I did have some issues with it though. The 3.5” and 2.5” drive retention systems bothered me. With a newer case I expected something a bit easier to use, particularly with SSDs being far more common these days. Then the expansion slot retention system was a bit annoying. Those issues were balanced out well though with the 5.25” retention system and the mainboard not requiring standoffs.

If you like the style, but aren’t a fan of the white, the Mana 136 does also come in black. For around $70 USD it falls right into the usual price range for a mid-tower case. For that price you are getting USB 3.0 and a full painted interior and exterior. Really all it is missing is a nice side panel window to show it all off. That means this case is a prime candidate for a little slight modification. 


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Author: Jake Barnard

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